Fushimi-Inari Taisha – Kyoto, Japan

I’m an aspiring scientist and storyteller, passionate about sharing the science of our world and beyond.

At my core, I’m a scientist because I love understanding the unknown. Scientific research lies at the outermost edge of our collective knowledge of the universe, and I thrive being on that frontline. I get to ask what ifs and develop the tools to answer them myself—illuminating a tiny corner of the vast unknown every time.

But there’s little use in making scientific discoveries if only a select few can understand them. So, I tell stories about science—where I try to pave clear paths through dense forests of data and jargon. I write about nearly anything that piques my interest (which is a lot), and each time am fascinated by what I learn. I hope my stories help others make sense of their unknown, and maybe even convince some to join the frontlines.

I’m currently getting my PhD at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I study drug discovery, molecular biology, and organic chemistry. I’ve worked at pharmaceutical companies like Gilead Sciences and Merck & Co., both of which developed either emergency use or FDA-approved COVID-19 antiviral treatments. I’m a writer for The Pipettepen, UNC’s graduate student science blog, a North Carolina science outreach blog called NC DNA Day, and have reported for the NASW Student Newsroom. I’m excited to step into freelance work and hone my storytelling skills.

Outside of science, I’m an avid home cook, the proudest cat mama (my phone gallery is 50% my cat), scuba diver, hot yoga and circuit training enthusiast, novice photographer, and escape room fiend. My ideal Friday night involves having a few friends over to sip gin and tonics around a three hour-long boardgame that we all become way too invested in. I have an illogical weakness for stationery, unique ceramics, and a good chai latte—which, for the record, should be spicy, aromatic, and never from a powder.